Do You Feel The World Is Spinning To Fast?

Sometimes life just seems to get ahead of us. I was talking with my sister this past weekend and she mentioned that she and her husband were discussing how time is going too fast. We all have very busy lives and that tends to fill up our days, weeks and eventually years with lots to do and little time to relax. I remember as a child in school that it would be 6 weeks until Christmas.. or the end of school and it just seemed as if time went so slowly.

I also used to always get the mammogram, dental visits, annual exams and eye exams in my birthday month because it was just too hard to keep up with the last time I went in. However, that meant I spent a lot of time that one month in doctor visits which is expensive and also not always possible to take that much time off from the job.

Because of all of these pulls on your time, we have a new system that will text, email or call you to remind you of your appointment due, or a reminder of your scheduled appointment. I hate making one for myself and then messing up the time and showing up late. This is a way we can help you manage your schedule more efficiently.

Another way we can help is by offering you the opportunity to fill out your paperwork online before coming to the office. This can be done in a time that is convenient for you. When you come in the records will be populated with your information instantly and you don’t have to spend time filling out paperwork when you get here. This can save you about 30 min once you get here. This really does speed up your time in the office and therefore the time out of your day.

Come on in and have a cup of coffee or tea and relax for a moment while we make your exam experience be better than the others as well as help your manage your crazy life and still take the time to take care of you. We all need a way to slow the clock a little and smell the coffee.

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