Do You Want To Have Eyelashes like a Kardashian?

Do you want longer fuller lashes? Do you worry about your eyebrows being thin and almost non existent? Allergan released Latisse as the first FDA approved treatment for thinning and inadequate lashes. This is the same company behind Botox and Juvederm. As the first and only FDA approved eyelash-growth treatment, Latisse is designed for treatment of hypotrichosis, a condition characterized by inadequate eyelashes.

It was discovered sort of by accident. While doing clinical trials for a glaucoma treatment call Lumigan, it was reported by the patients that it produced significantly longer eyelashes. Allergan began looking at this as a cosmetic application as well as glaucoma medication.

It is recommended that it be applied to the base of the upper eyelashes once daily. Latisse maintains their growth phase, producing longer, thicker lashes and more of them. However, this is not permanent and must be maintained to make the effects last. Otherwise they will return to normal.

When a patient uses Latisse over the course of several months, they will notice significant changes in the eyelashes. Gradually they will become darker, thicker and longer. It takes about 1 months to see results and full results become evident after about 4 months.

Compared to lash extensions, this is significantly less expensive and maintenance is not as time consuming. This is definitely safer since the use of glue around the eye is not advised. They also fall off in splotches and inconvenient times. If you have allergies the extensions can make that worse and the allergies can actually contraindicate the extensions. So Latisse is a perfect solution if you need help with the appearance of your lashes and brows. Let’s face it we want those gorgeous, wide open looking eyes that call everyone to look at your eyes and just say WoW…

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