Eye Disease Management

Vision is one of the most valuable sense that most people rely heavily on. Being able to see the world around you is paramount in day to day life. However, there are eye diseases that can impact your health and vision. When your vision begins to deteriorate as a result of degenerative, age-related diseases, it can be frightening. Luckily, many eye diseases are manageable. Our professional eye doctor at Lifetime Eyecare Solutions in Tulsa and Oklahoma City can diagnosis and administer treatment for eye diseases. Let's take a closer look at common eye diseases and how they are managed.

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Common Eye Diseases

Eye diseases usually fall into two categories, being either a genetic disease or a degenerative disease. Common genetic eye diseases include color blindness, crossed eyes, or poor vision. Other eye diseases are degenerative and typically form with age. These diseases can include glaucoma, cataracts, and macular degeneration. Luckily, there are options to help treat and improve these diseases.

Managing an Eye Disease

Depending on the disease, there are several management tools at a doctor's disposal. Glaucoma, a disease that occurs when fluid is backed up in the eye, increasing eye pressure, can be treated with medicated eye drops or surgery to help reduce the pressure within the eye. Cataracts are formed when the lens within the eye begins to harden with age, making it more difficult to see and focus through the stiffened area. Typically, cataracts are corrected with surgery to remove the cataract from the eye. Macular degeneration can be in the forms of dry or wet and the disease impacts a part of the retina called the macula. Vision is often slowly impaired as the disease worsens. Most commonly, macular degeneration is treated with medicated eye drops and possible surgery.

How an Eye Care Professional Can Help

Our eye doctor will perform a full evaluation to understand the diagnosis and severity of the eye disease. From there, we can work with you to prescribe an appropriate treatment plan to help improve your vision or halt the progression of the disease. This can be in the form of medication, eye drops, or even surgery to help improve overall vision.

At Lifetime Eyecare Solutions, we are passionate about helping you improve your vision and manage eye disease. Our knowledgeable and professional team want you to be at your best. We treat each patient as an individual and take the time to evaluate each person and prescribe the best course of treatment. We proudly service both Tulsa and Oklahoma City area. Our office is located at 7021 South Memorial Drive, Suite 269 B-2, Tulsa, OK, 74133. To learn more about eye disease management or to schedule an appointment, call us today at 918-307-1546.

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