Cosmetic Surgery, Eyelid surgery, or other

Have you wanted to do a little something? Worried about who to go to that will do a good job and not mess up your face? We at Lifetime Eyecare Solutions don't do all procedures but we do know who to refer you to for the best results.

Botox is often used for eyelid spasms, but we also know who you can see for treatments around the eye area and not end up over done. It's important that it be used in the correct amounts as well as the proper locations so as not to lead to "droopy lids"or false appearance.

We also will prescribe and follow care for inadequate eyelashes. Latisse is the first and only medication prescribed for the treatment for inadequate eyelashes. It takes about a month to see results from a daily application of Latisse. Then it must be maintained to continue to see the results but it does make your eyelashes grow. It works by prolonging the growing period leading to longer and thicker lush lashes.

Blepharoplasty is the surgical repair of heavy eyelids. This many times actually limits your visual field of view. When it limits your field of view then it becomes a restorative process that is many times covered by your medical insurance. It is important that this be done by someone that has a great track record so that the lid continues to function normally and look natural but better.

Lazy eye surgery is typically done for children but occasionally we as adults will have an eye that no longer is straight. This surgery may or may not restore binocular vision where both eyes work together as a team but many times we just want the cosmetic effect of our eyes both looking straight. This is completely achievable and understandable.

Plastic or reconstructive surgery due to an accident or cancer is generally referred by your surgeon or primary care but if you want a second opinion on who to use, Dr Jones is always happy to give her opinion of who would give you your best result.

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