Happy Birthday to Me

Today is my birthday. I’m past an age many women don’t like to discuss. I don’t really think I’m bothered by it that much. I’m 61 today. I don’t believe age is a function of years but rather mileage. There is a saying “Life isn’t about arriving at your grave in a perfectly preserved body, but rather sliding in broadside, all used up, yelling at the top of your lungs…. WOW WHAT A Ride”…

That’s how I’ve lived my life. I have had a blast. I have done some things that were very noteworthy. I’ve done some stupid things as well. But I will say I’ve lived a full life and I’m not done yet. I plan on continuing to live life to the fullest for a long time yet.

However, as we age we do have to put in more maintenance. As the car ages, it may still have a number of miles left in it but you have to use a higher viscosity oil or oil substitute. You may have to replace some parts as they show wear and tear from age. That doesn’t make it ready for the salvage yard yet.

As we age, we have to consider that our eyes start to show signs of all the years and situations we’ve subjected them to. All the blue light exposure, the medications we take for other things, and of course just tissue wearing out over time. There are many things we can do to help with these situations such as cataract surgery, vitamin supplements as well as lifestyle changes.

We do have the luxury of having knee replacement or heart stints but we can’t exactly have eye replacements.. yet. So in this case an ounce of prevention and maintenance is worth a pound of cure. I’m past worrying about wrinkles but I do want to keep seeing this wonderful world we live in. I want to see the sunrises and sunsets with a painters eye. The miracles such as the solar eclipse coming up in Aug.won’t happen again until several years from now and I may not be able to enjoy it.

Take a breath each day and rejoice in it. Appreciate the life you have been given to live every day, good, bad and indifferent. I love this life and it’s so precious. I am truly blessed by all the wonderful friends, patients and family I have in my life. I am also very blessed to have the career I have which has provided me with so much in the 34 yrs I’ve been practicing. Happy Birthday to Me..

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