I have often joked that it is a good day any day I wake up on the top side of the grass. Each day is another chance. Another chance to make things right. Another chance to reach our potential. Another chance to have our dreams come true. It’s also another day to mend relationships. It’s a chance to heal someone else’s wounds.

I just read someone’s post on Facebook that the glass isn’t half empty or half full, but rather refillable. That’s really so true. Everyday we wake up, we can refill the glass and go again. We have endless possibilities to do good as long as we are drawing breath.

I know, life gets in the way sometimes. We have endless lists of things that need our attention. We have things that make us mad. Some one cuts us off on the highway and rips around from lane to lane being a danger to everyone around. We want to scream at them and sometimes do so. But have you noticed how many times that same person ends up at the stop light at the same place as you? It got them no where but the possibility of a funeral sooner than necessary.

With each day of opportunity we have, let’s not squander it. Let’s appreciate those around us that we love and tell them so. Let’s appreciate all of God’s creation and the beauty that is truly around us. And let’s appreciate all of those other creatures that enrich our lives such as our pets and wild animals around us. They are so funny and entertaining. Life is full of simple pleasures and joys if we will take a moment to appreciate the day we are living and the life we have.

I don’t want to sound pollyanna-ish but I do think we get so busy that we forget that this is a pretty special life we have and there is always something we can be thankful for. I’m thankful for each of you. It’s a good day.

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