I mentioned this about 3 weeks ago but time is marching on and it really is getting down to that time. Everyone is thinking about the last of their summer plans, but also keeping in mind the school supplies, clothing purchases for school and other necessities. But parents, don’t wait until the last minute to get your kids eyes examined. They need a few weeks to adapt to their new prescriptions or contact lenses.

Learning is enhanced or hampered by how a child sees. If they can’t read properly or have to squint to see the board then they are only able to get a portion of what the teacher it trying to give them. The classroom environment is difficult enough without them having their vision working against them as well.

Teachers, I know you will have so much to do getting your rooms in order and set up before classes start. Don’t wait until you are actually in the classroom because you have too many demands on your time and money. Besides you deserve to do something really nice for yourself before you get really busy taking care of everyone else.

College students leave home to go back to campus and parents can’t really provide the access to their eye doctor or to get contacts and end up running out or over wearing them when they shouldn’t. Making sure they have what they need before the leave and are hundreds of miles away for several months just makes sense.

And for you parents, you should consider having your eyes examined now as well. Think about all the demands on your time after school starts. Many times you turn into the taxi service with all of the activities the kids are in. Between sports, band, dance lessons or gymnastics, you barely have the time to work, take care of the house and the kids, much less having time for your own needs. Right now is the perfect time when there are a few less demands on your time.

With the weather as hot as it is, we are cool inside and a perfect place to spend a little time to cool off. We are on many insurance plans so most of the time there is little cost to you for the exam and/or contacts.

Call today for your appointment or better yet go to the website at www.lifetimeeyecaresolutions.com and schedule for yourself. There is also a place to fill out your forms online before coming to your appointment. On the webpage, go to New Patient, online forms and it’s right there. It will populate your records automatically. We are trying to make your experience different than the rest and easier and quicker but not hurried.

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