As most of you are aware, Jackson the Wonder-dog is our rescue dog and office mascot. We adopted him last August after they found him wandering around in a highway, confused and blind. He has come a long way from that sad little lost dog but he is now the best dog ever. He’s happy, energized, mingles well and is so friendly and loving. He shows his appreciation for being in a good situation and home life that you can literally see him smile. Jackson loves coming to work, and even tells us he’s not happy when we happen to go off without him. He has a difficult time driving since he’s blind. Even last night he was barking to protect his family. I have no clue how he intended to do that, given his blindness, but his instincts are still there. We are his family and he will protect us. We live in the country so there is always something to protect us from such as wind, squirrels or even weather fronts coming through.

We couldn’t have asked for a better dog. We have 3 Cocker Spaniels. 2 of which came to us before we found Jackson. They each have their own personalities and are totally precious. Life without any one of them them wouldn’t be the same.

But I want to encourage everyone to adopt. My heart was especially tender for a senior or special needs dog and we found one that was both. But even younger dogs need furever homes. I just can’t tell you how much unconditional love they give you. Even if they have had a difficult past they seem to have so much capacity to love again and are so trusting.

My son took this picture and when he shared it with one of his film school friends, they captioned it as “Love Is Blind”.. and that is so true. There is nothing better than the unconditional, sheer love of a pet.

Attend an adoption event and look into those eyes and tell me you didn’t make a connection with a spirit that reaches the depths of your heart. These animals enrich our lives. They give us company and companionship. They deserve to be treated with dignity and security and love. But they give that and so much more in return. Open your hearts and your homes to rescue adoption. It’s so worthwhile. Jackson is a one of a kind and I can’t promise you will find anything close to him, but I can promise you will find a pet that will be incredible.

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