July Memories

July is always one of my favorite months. First of all it is my birthday month. We start the month off with celebrating our country’s birth and end with celebrating mine. So the entire month usually means celebration.

In the past when we had to wait for watermelon to get rip locally rather than it being shipped in from far away, I would ask my daddy for watermelon for my birthday. He was a state police officer and patrolled all over the country. So he would know which farmers had the earliest watermelons. He was really good at picking out the rip ones. He brought me one and we’d chill it really cold in a cooler rather than the refrigerator, slice it up and he would sprinkle salt on it. I don’t use salt on it any longer but I do love to grill it with a drizzle of balsamic reduction over it. More sophisticated tastes now but I still drool over the memories of those ice cold melons he would bring home.

We’d also make homemade ice cream. I was usually the one that had to sit on the ice cream maker with a stack of towels on top to hold it down while someone else cranked it until it was hard.That was really a cold seat but with a birthday in July it’s always hot outside so I didn’t mind it so much.

I also remember over the years thinking about my poor mother pregnant in July with the heat and back then no AC. How miserable I had to have made her. So I have a great deal of admiration for her going through that to have me.

I also remember the fireworks. Daddy would put me on his shoulders so I could really see them the best. I think now how tired I am and staying up for dark in July for the fireworks just doesn’t hold the same thrill as it used to in days gone by. It’s for the kids. The thrill and wonderment and excitement on their faces.. So I know that’s why my daddy did what he did.. it was for my sister and I.

What are your memories of summer and especially July? Did you have special traditions you did every year? I have heard some people always have a party with a huge feast of summer cooking with grilled corn on the cob, hamburgers and hot dogs, those fresh off the vine sliced tomatoes and the fourth of July deserts made to look all festive and patriotic. I have seen theses parties completely decorated with banners, flags, streamers and of course sparklers. It is always a celebration.

As you can tell I have a fondness for July. It’s my month. It’s all about me.. at least in my 9 y/o eyes. I especially loved the music on the radio synced to the fireworks displays so they would crescendo at the appropriate time for the big splash of color.

Such wonderful memories. It is a time when we think about our independence but also a time where we establish and maintain traditions. It’s a good time.

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