Ladies, I know how many of you watch YouTube videos on makeup. I also know how you want to share techniques with each other. But there are some rules that you should follow to keep from passing infections and creating problems for yourselves.

First, Mascara is really nasty. But it is a dark damp place that should be replaced at least once a month and should never be shared. This is a perfect way to share an infection. Also if you have an infection don’t use it and then put the applicator back in the tube to be used again. This just contaminates the entire tube. Throw it away. Also don’t use the tip perpendicular to the cornea. I have seen several patients that accidentally scratched their corneas with the metal tip of the applicator. And I should not have to say this but I’ve seen you… don’t put on mascara while driving.. NO NO NO…!!!!

Second, NEVER use a safety pin, needle, etc to pull the lashes apart. This is very hazardous. It is difficult at best to judge distance and depth that close. Nothing worse than an abrasion of the cornea from a pin that went the wrong way.

Third, If you have an infection, you should throw away all of the liquid makeup such as mascara, eye liner, cream or moist eye shadows and base or concealer..If it is a pencil you can sharpen it down and get to fresh pencil. If you use sponges, throw them again and get a new one. If you use brushes, wash and clean them completely and dry. This should be something you do regularly anyway.

Fourth, don’t put liner on the under portion of the lid margin. I’m talking about beneath the lashes and the area that is next to the eyeball it’self. This is an area that is full of glands that are necessary for healthy tears and function. It also can get clogged and become styes and other painful things because the makeup blocks the opening to these glands.

If you wear contact lenses, watch the lotions and cleansers and moisturizers. They can leave a residual film that will coat the contacts and make them dirty and hard to see through. These products should be water based so they will dissolve with the tears should they bleed into the tear film.

Heaven knows I used to love makeup as much as the next person. It’s fun and you want to be able to do the latest styles. But please do so in a healthy way to support eye health so you can enjoy the art as long as you wish to.

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