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Meet the Team

Dr. Trina Jones, O.D.

Optometric Physician
Laser Surgeon

Dr. Trina Jones was born and raised in Arkansas, and while she has lived in Oklahoma for over 36 yrs she is still a Razorback at heart. Even so, that doesn't cause her any conflict rooting for the Sooners, Cowboys or TU and of course our beloved Thunder. After serving in the Army she came home and started college at University of Arkansas Ft. Smith for her Associate's Degree. Transferring to Northeastern State University she completed her BA with a double major in Vision Science and Biophysics, going on to complete her Doctorate of Optometry 2 yrs later. She was awarded Outstanding Young Woman of the Year twice in 1983 and 1985. In 1990 she was nominated for Outstanding Working Mother of the Year.

Dr. Jones has been in practice for over 32 yrs. While in practice in Oklahoma City, she had a child with severe special needs. Because of that personal experience she served on The Early Intervention Task Force for the state of Oklahoma to develop a vision screening program for children at high risk for vision impairment through SoonerStart. She moved back to the Tulsa area over 10 yrs ago and is thrilled to call this home again.

Her practice philosophy is to provide caring personal eyecare and contact lenses, educate the patient so they can understand and participate in their own vision needs. Education is very important for the patient to be as involved in their own health care choices as well as having good communication and confidence in their doctor. She wants to create the relationship that continues from childhood to the golden years. Also it is her goal to do so in a comfortable, relaxed non rushed setting so you never feel like cattle. Your eyes matter to her.

There are so many choices for your eye care that she prides herself on staying on the forefront of the latest choices, surgical options, treatments for chronic and acute eye health problems available for each patient’s individual needs and desires.

Dr. Jones has many hobbies and passions. She is a pilot, has enjoyed road cycling, cooking and most recently has taken up fine art painting. She lives on Lake Keystone with her three dogs.

Ryan Hylton

Ryan Hylton isn’t actually an optical assistant. He’s a Director, Producer, Photographer, Former Soldier, Security Consultant, Writer and Comedian. So needless to say right out of school he needed a place to work that was fun, relaxing, in a great part of town, and provided a positive impact on the community. So he called up his mother and asked her if she knew if anyone was hiring. They opened up the practice and have been taking on the world ever since.

Ryan has been through the woods and back and returned to repay Dr. Jones for helping his dreams come true by trying his best to help hers come true. He’s dedicated to customer service and his happy-go-lucky attitude is positively infectious. Bringing his charm from his time with Second City, Chicago, he makes it a priority to have a fun, relaxing, experience with every patient that comes through. Whether it’s camera lenses or contact lenses Ryan wants to make sure you see your story clearly.


Maria joined us as an “optometric tech” intern from Tulsa Tech this year. She has chosen optometry as her desired career path. After graduation from her program at Tulsa Tech she decided to stay on with us. We are so pleased that she did. With her here, we are able to provide bilingual exams for patients that may not feel completely comfortable with a medical procedure in a second language. She always has a bright beautiful smile and friendly manner with all of her patient encounters.

Jackson the Wonderdog

Jackson is the new office mascot for Lifetime Eyecare Solutions. A Rescue dog of Dr. Jones, Jackson lost both of his eyes due to untreated glaucoma and was found with matted hair doing circles in the middle of the highway. Since then this sweet old dog has been given a loving home and far too many treats. He's real friendly and loves kids. He will be joining us at the Tulsa Hills location on Monday’s, and Friday's. He's busy on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday with lots of meetings and important appointments with other dogs and speaking engagements. With proper care and medical prevention Jackson would still have his eye sight. You don't have to end up the same way.

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