Mother’s Day Come and Gone

Wow, another mother’s day has come and gone. I always wonder what to get my mom when she already has anything she wants. She is of simple tastes and very sentimental. My dad passed away last fall and I am anxious about my first Father’s Day without him. I hope every one cherishes the time you have with your parents.

I have fought with mine more than I should have. I have at times been “too busy” to spend as much time as I should have. I now regret missing that time. Don’t waste this precious time you have with them if they are still around. If not honor their memory by doing something in their honor.

Show a random act of kindness to someone in your neighborhood, church or total stranger. Perhaps they could use a visit to a nursing home. Maybe they need help grocery shopping. Perhaps just saying hello and genuinely asking how their day is going and taking the time to listen. Many times as our parents and other’s parents grow older, the people in their lives have died or moved off and they end up all alone with no visitors or company other than maybe their dog. A compassionate visit can have such wonderful results for both parties involved.

Let’s live our lives with kindness. Treat others the way we would want to be treated. Let’s spread positive energy all around.

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