Rainy Days and Monday’s Always Bring Me Down

There is something about rainy days that is gloomy and spooky and sort of sets the tone for slower less intensity for the day. It sort of does make things a bit of a downer. However, I love them. I love sleeping in on a weekend with a soft gentle rain listening to it splatter on the porch roof and the splash as it hits a little puddle outside the house.

I love the calm that sets over the earth as it is being cleansed and refreshed by the rain. The sense of relaxation that I feel from the gentle pace of the slow rain makes me relax.

However, given the events recently it also seems to bring on a feeling of sadness and sorrow. It feels as if the angels are crying over the loss of life and the terrible atrocities that keep happening. The stories are so difficult to hear. It makes me ache for those that are still living that have to pick up the pieces of shattered families and loved ones, that have to help someone heal physically as well as those that will never heal emotionally or mentally. Definitely lots of reflection on where we are, who we are as a person and as a people, and what we hold dear. We need to be willing to discuss things and not with malice or hatred but with real desire to find compromise for a solution. We have to try… even if we don’t solve the entire problem we can’t continue to do nothing. We need to find a way that we don’t have to say good bye to loved ones needlessly.

When we looked at the number of deaths in automobile accidents and realized that seat belts would lower the numbers of fatalities we enacted laws to do so. It didn’t really stop the number of accidents but it did help with the number of deaths. Can’t we find some way to stop the number of deaths?

I don’t mean to be political but the weather today brings out these questions and feelings of helplessness. I am tired of having to watch children being buried or people watching a movie, or concert goers that were just wanting to have a good time. It must be the rain…tears from heaven…

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