What is it that makes you feel love? What makes you feel secure? Does your life have purpose? and what is it? There can be numerous answers to each of these questions but basically, for me, it all boils down to family. I feel love and security from my family members. In fact the only thing I really care about is their unconditional love, acceptance and support that gives me what I need to go on everyday.

I continue to work because I love my work, but let’s face it we work in order to provide for our families. We fall completely in love again when we see the surprise on our significant other’s face when we bring them something totally unexpected. We melt when we hear a child laugh uncontrollably. We cry when we know our loved ones are disappointed or hurt at school or work.

Nothing makes us want to get up every day and head to work more than knowing that they will be waiting for us when we get home. The kids run to see you as you walk in the door. The hug around the neck makes the worst day disappear. It brings a smile to the face and the weights of the world are lifted, even if only momentarily. Watching the kids play their innocent games or roll on the floor loving on the dog is more precious than any reality TV show. I personally could spend hours watching them play and giggle and run around chasing each other.

However, they eventually will grow up and get too busy for us and only want to be with or communicating with their friends. Our spouses may grow apart and leave. Sometimes there are disagreements that cause rifts between family members. This is the deepest rejection and pain many times. What we would do to go back a few years when it was good and happy again. We can look forward to happy times again but honestly the love and support of our family is the real driving factor that makes us put one foot in front of the other.

I know when I come home and family are there, I can relax and just enjoy my sense of all is right with the world. When they are absent, even for normal activities, there is a sense of void and lack of things in their proper place.

“Family” can be defined in many ways. Sometimes family is genetic and birth given. Sometimes it is chosen others that become our family. Regardless of who or how that family arrived, they are what makes our world go round. Maybe it wasn’t actually scientific proof but you can bank on it nevertheless. Go hug on your family today.. I know I will.

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