Dr. Jones believes that it is very important for her patients to have regular eye examinations. Some insurance companies seem to think that it would be acceptable to go 2 years between exams. However, there are several diseases and conditions that prompt more frequent examinations. Just because the insurance company says 2 years does not mean that is best practices. We at Lifetime Eyecare Solutions recommend annual examinations for everyone.

In order to maintain your vision and the health of your eyes, you should see an optometrist on a regular basis, even if you don’t have any noticeable signs of eye or vision problems. These exams can detect eye issues before they become a concern. Contact Lifetime Eyecare Solutions, serving Oklahoma City and the surrounding area, to have your eyes examined by our experienced optometrist.


About Vision and Eye Exams

An eye and vision exam consists of our optometrist evaluating your sight and the health of your eyes. We do so by having you read letters off of a chart and looking into your eyes. A closer examination in your retina allows us to determine whether you have a refractive error such as astigmatism, which is an eye condition that occurs when your vision is affected by an abnormal curvature in your eye. Other refractive errors include myopia, hyperopia, and presbyopia. Usually these conditions can be treated with corrective glasses or contacts. Serious eye diseases, such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and macular degeneration, can also be caught during your vision and eye exam. These issues can cause irreversible vision loss or blindness. Slowing the progression of the disease requires early detection and treatment.

Contact Lens Exams

If you already have contacts or want vision correction without the need of eyeglasses, we can perform a contact lens exam. If you need corrective eyewear for refractive errors, we’ll discuss with you the available options of contact lenses. When we conduct a contact lens exam, we will have you look into a machine that figures out the dimensions of your eyes. This allows us to ensure that your contact lenses will fit right on the surface of your eye. A pair of trial contacts will be provided for you to wear. A follow-up exam with our optometrist may be needed to make sure that you are well-adjusted to your contact lenses.

Exceptional Eye and Vision Exams in Oklahoma City

Many eye conditions and diseases can impact your daily life if not detected or treated right away. Our optometrist provides these exams to ensure that each patient gets the right eye care for his or her condition. To schedule an appointment, call Lifetime Eyecare Solutions in Oklahoma City at (405) 753-9815.