I joke a lot but it really is true, every day I wake up on the top side of the grass it’s a good day. I am also aware that all my problems are small in the total scheme of life. It could be so much worse. That’s what I think is so good about God, He always gives me perspective so I realize that whatever is bothering me at the time is just temporary and not really all that important.

I had someone in the past that used to use the phrase “if it doesn’t change the course of history, let it go” and he was right. I can’t say he was always right but in this case he had a way of putting things in their rightful place.

I’m grateful for the ability to walk and talk and breathe and drive to and from work every day. I’m grateful to have a job. It would be obvious but should also be mentioned how much I’m grateful for my family and friends.

Do we tend to fixate on the negatives around us too much? I know sometimes I do. I get upset about politics, or injustices, or even a bad hair day. It really does take practice to focus on the positives and maintaining an attitude of gratitude.

Oprah used to, and probably still does, keep a gratitude journal. It is a great practice to try to remember each day and what happened in a positive and grateful point of view. She would write in her journal at the end of each day before sleep. I haven’t adopted this practice but I can definitely see how this would make sleep so much better.

I mentioned after my son passed away I started trying to adopt an attitude of gratitude when I would get attacked by grief unexpectedly. It is something one needs to practice. This really does help me to not be controlled by grief but rather grateful for his life.

So everyday that I don’t read my name in the obituaries is a good day. I love seeing the sunrise and the sunset. Taking pleasure in small things and simple pleasures and trying to maintain an attitude of gratitude. I have no better advice. Let’s all try to think positively today. Let’s all try to actually identify those things we are grateful for. Telling someone they mean something to you makes your day better as well as theirs. We can change the world one smile and laugh at a time.

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