What Is On Your Bucket List

What do you have on your bucket list? Do you even have a bucket list? When do you start to make a bucket list? Is it something that you have in your mind in your twenties? Or is it something that as one ages they realize their time to get things done may not be an infinite timeline?

I have several things on my bucket list. I want to travel.. especially I want a camera safari in Africa and a low flight over the Serengeti. Recently a colleague went on my exact trip and stayed at Giraffe Manor. I was so envious. I was thrilled with her photos and happy she got to do this trip but it made it even more urgent on my bucket list.

I also want to travel to Ireland. I know my son wants to go to Iceland. How practical is it to dream of these once in a lifetime sort of trips? Probably not very practical at all. But isn’t that what a bucket list is about? Doing the things that you wouldn’t otherwise have a chance to do?

My 90 y/o mother wants to zip line.. Don’t laugh.. we won’t let her do that, but possibly with a Oculus or HTC Vive headset. We aren’t wanting to have to resuscitate her at the end of the zip line. But I think it is incredibly cute that she even thinks that she wants to do this. Pres George H.W. Bush skydived on his 90th birthday. Wow.. so incredible. Is it possible to have lived a full enough life that you wouldn’t have anything on a bucket list left to experience? Is that an accomplishment or is it simply not having enough to look forward to?

Other bucket list ideas may include vacationing on a working cattle ranch and participate in a cattle roundup. Going to see the Louvre or Vatican City and seeing the Pope. What about the Grand Canyon or attending Mardi Gras? Scuba diving the Great Barrier Reef is also a top contender. I think there are various levels of how far reaching a bucket list item may be. It can be totally out there or just a little stretch to accomplish. Perhaps it includes doing a Iron Man Triathlon or climbing Mt Everest. It is whatever you envision you doing even if it seems far reaching.

Some people want to meet a special person, such as Mandela or Obama. Others want to do something meaningful such as create a animal foster agency to save as many neglected and abandoned animals as they can. But I think it’s healthy to dream of something that seems out of reach. I think it gives us a vision to work toward. It is sort of a goal.

What is on your bucket list? Does it evolve as time goes on? Do you have more than one or two things that you aspire to do or see? If not.. perhaps you should.. it is worth the lifetime…

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