What plans do you have for the Fourth of July

It’s fast approaching. With the holiday being on a Tues this year, many folks will end up with a 4 day weekend. Wow.. how fun is that? I suspect many will be taking advantage of the time off from work and taking a family trip somewhere. Many others will go camping or to the lake to play. Some will use the time to do projects around the house and yard.

Personally I only get the weekend and one day off. I am still going to be open on Monday. So anyone that messes up their glasses or something in their eyes, I’m your go to person. I’m here. No play time for me.

I live out at the lake as I’ve mentioned before and I know there will be fireworks every night for 4 nights. My poor dogs will freak out. The problem is it doesn’t start until dark which is 10:00 basically and will go on for an hour. So I will have 4 nights of getting to bed late. Yes.. I’m a old person and the sidewalks roll up for me around 9:00pm.

I love watching all the displays but it’s not a happy time for the fur babies. I feel bad for them because I can’t seem to make them feel safe. Yes I have thunder shirts. I used to live downtown and the ballpark would have fireworks every Friday night. They didn’t seem to mind that at all. Several years they would lay on my bed looking south out my high rise building watching all the displays and just watch and watch. But last year I guess it was so much closer and they lost their cookies.

As for other activities.. yes I will grill. I’ll probably cook something special to commemorate the holiday with a special sweet dish, even though I don’t need it. However, it just seems appropriate to indulge for the holiday. I will probably bring some to work and share so I am not tempted to eat way more calories than necessary.

I also will dress with red, white and blue for the spirit of the occasion. Even Jackson has a special kerchief to be patriotic.

But let’s put all that aside. We are living in a country that is torn apart right now. We are so divided over politics, health care, who is in charge, fake news, it doesn’t matter, we are upset about something. It’s a difficult time to find things to agree on. But the one thing I know is true for everyone whether you are progressive or conservative, Democrat or Republican or something else, we all LOVE this country. I stand tall when the flag waves. I get chill bumps when I hear the National Anthem. I sing along with God Bless the USA and This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land. Let’s face it.. we do agree on one thing.. we love this land. I am saddened by the struggles but it has happened through out our entire country’s existence. We don’t agree. We do have differences of opinion. But don’t let anyone attack us or we will stand next to each other and fight and protect and defend our country.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Don’t drink and drive. And sing a little louder when you hear the national anthem.

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